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January Free Fonts

My first selection of great FREE Fonts for 2012! Check them out and put them to good use in your own projects and designs.

HFF Fourth Rock

Free Fonts to download

By Have Fun with Fonts | Download HFF Fourth Rock


Free web fonts

By Antony Robinson | Download Zombified

HFF Ice Bergman

Free fonts to download and use

By Have Fun with Fonts | Download HFF Ice Bergman

Patinio Graffiti

FREE fonts

By Factor Vector | Download Platinio Graffiti

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  1. ANNE says:

    Nice to see HFF Fourth Rock in your font selection. I’ve used this font in a few design projects in recent months. Good post!

    • Mark says:

      HFF Fourth Rock is a lovely font isn’t it. I’ve used it a couple of times myself too. Thanks for your comment by the way.

  2. ANNE says:

    Any new free font posts coming up in the near future? They seem to have stopped? Love to see a few more selections.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Anne, thanks for your comments. Funny you should mention adding some new free font selections as I am planning on posting more very soon so watch this space!

  3. Robert says:

    Not a bad selection but not keen on the patinio font, I think looks messy. HFF once are kinda cool though.