Web Designer & WordPress Tweaker

A brief history of my background and how I found my way into the world of Web design

I’m Mark Rowley, an enthusiastic web designer based in North Essex, England. I predominantly work on website design and custom WordPress design as well as logos, social media graphics, and print design.

Let’s start from the beginning

I grew up in a small coastal town in North Essex where I still live today and am lucky enough to enjoy a great view of the beach. I went to school locally where I developed an interest in art and design from an early age.

My interest in web design began in 2006 while running a part-time business importing goods from China and reselling on Amazon and eBay. This proved to be very successful and it soon became obvious I could increase sales further by selling direct to customers and reducing my costs. In short, I needed a website!

Now I’ve always had an interest in technology and computing so I thought to myself “Why not build my own website”.  So after a little research, a few software purchases, many hours at my desk and numerous cups of tea I had my first website up and running. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy and there were a few hiccups along the way, but seeing the finished results of my efforts sparked a keen interest in web design.

In 2011 I set up One Website Design after building a few websites for friends and a local charity organization. Since then I’ve continued to improve and expand my knowledge and have seen a steady increase in demand for my services.

A year later in 2012, I began working with WordPress which allowed me to offer my clients a website solution with full content management capability. I now work almost exclusively with WordPress, building custom themes to suit client requirements or customising existing WordPress themes.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work and please feel free to drop me an email – info@onewebsitedesign.co.uk